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Bespoke's Country Trading Range Screen

Below is an updated look at our country equity market trading range screen using US-exchange traded funds.  For each ETF, the dot represents where it's currently trading, while the tail end represents where it was trading one week ago....

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Vanguard Asks Has Indexing Gotten Too Big?

A transcript of Vanguard’s Investment Commentary podcast series with Chris Philips on the growth of buying the market concept and if indexing has gotten too big. H/T Barry Ritholtz for the find. Vanguard: Has Indexing Gotten Too Big? Lauren...

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Will Eaton (ETN) Stock Be Hurt By This Ratings Downgrade?

NEW YORK (TheStreet) --aEaton Corp. was downgraded to "hold" from "buy" at Stifel Nicolaus on Wednesday. The firm said it lowered its rating on the diversified power management company as it believes Eaton lacks near term...

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IRA Insights: Vanguard research shines light on investor behavior

Nearly four out of every ten U.S. households own an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Are they maximizing their IRA contributions and what are the trends around IRA use? Each month Vanguard researchers analyze the trends to see if these investors are...

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Daily ETF Watch: New Stock-Split Fund

A new ETF seeks to leverage price appreciation following stock...

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The Allure Of Quality In An ETF

As valuations grow uncomfortably high, ‘quality’ ETFs makes more sense—if you can figure out just what quality...

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Beware: ETN Pitfalls Abound

ETNs have a number of benefits, but also shortcomings, including credit risk and taxation. It's important that advisors weigh ETNs' pros and cons to make the right choice for...

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Vanguard Scotland?

Whichever way the Scottish independence referendum goes, the spectacular rise of nationalism, in Scotland and elsewhere in Europe, is a symptom of a diseased political mainstream. It is what happens when a form of politics claims to satisfy every human...

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ETF Watch: PowerShares 'LadderRite' Fund

PowerShares rolls out laddered corporate bond...

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Kranefuss Returns To US Market With New ETF

The ‘father of ETFs’ is helping Source enter the U.S....

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Daily ETF Watch: Nontransparent Filing Update

ETMF debut may be drawing...

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Daily ETF Watch: Eaton Vance Updates 40-APP

ETMF debut may be drawing...

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2014 Morningstar ETF Conference

Read full story for details. ...

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US Sector ETF Performance – September 15

(click here if charts are not observable) ...

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The Long/Short ETF Mousetrap: CSM A Winner

Sometimes the hype is...

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Daily ETF Watch: Alibaba Buzz Growing

Is the Chinese e-commerce giant going to turn up in your...

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Alibaba IPO’s Huge ETF Conundrum

Where ETF investors can find Alibaba shares is no simple...

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New Active ETF Mixes Safety And Risk

WBIG hedges in some areas and bets big in...

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US Sector ETF Performance – September 12

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US Sector ETF Performance – September 12

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Top Portfolio Products: SPDR Adds Risk-Focused ETF

Invesco launches laddered corporate bond product, as Schwab rolls out a real estate...

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New “Risk Aware” ETF Adjusts Straetgy Based on Market Environment

Following in the footsteps of "actively managed" algorithmic hedge funds, new ETF computer-based artificial intelligence drives investment decisions, while new volatility product challenges CBOE VIX indexAs quantitative investment methods to...

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ETF Stats for August 2014 – Actively Managed ETFs Surge Past 100

Eighteen new products arrived in August.  All were ETFs, as the 2014 slowdown of ETN launches continues.  Most notable for the month was the fact that fourteen of the product introductions were actively managed ETFs.  These caused the...

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ETF Scorecard – September 12th Edition

Major equity indexes traded sideways over the last week, with a slight downward bias amid a generally quiet landscape that saw few data releases and a lack of any major developments. On the home front, the NFIB index came in...

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Podcast: New ETF Launchpad - August 2014

Dennis Hudachek and Paul Britt talk about IBLN, the Direxion iBillionaire ETF, and a suite of new active funds from WBI Shares with very strong initial...

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Daily ETF Watch: Smart Beta & Commodities

New benchmark targets commodities via a factor-based...

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The Elements of Sermonizing Style

Don't go on too long (eight minutes max) and keep politics out of...

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US Sector ETF Performance – September 11

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US Sector ETF Performance – September 11

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Vanguard Funds With Dynamic Asset Allocation: Which Allocation Is "Right for Your Situation"?

September 11th, 2014 Georg Vrba High returns can be obtained from actively managed Vanguard funds when a dynamic asset allocation strategy is employed. However, models using index funds with dynamic asset allocation also produce better returns than...

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State Street Launches First Active Fund (RORO); First Trust and PowerShares Launch 2 Funds (FTLS, LDRI)

U.S. equities got off to a sour start this week, with Monday and Tuesday seeing major indexes end in the red. Stocks finally stabilized on Wednesday, even though economic data came in worse-than-expected: wholesale inventories rose 0.1% in July versus...

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4 ETF Strategists On ‘Goldilocks’ Jobs Data

The recovery may be a disappointing slow slog, but pernicious inflationary pressure is thankfully at...

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Wednesday: FOMC Statement and Press Conference, CPI, Home Builder Confidence

More previews on the FOMC statement and press conference:From Jon Hilsenrath at the WSJ: How the Federal Reserve Could Tweak ‘Considerable Time’ "Given the economic backdrop, they don’t want to send a signal right now that rate...   Read More >

Trump SoHo Hotel Lender Plans to Put Property Up for Sale

A lender to Trump SoHo, the upscale Manhattan hotel and condominium that Donald Trump unveiled on his television show The Apprentice, is foreclosing on the property and putting it up for sale, said people familiar with the...   Read More >

CNBC Anchor Calls Out Fed-Hater Bill Fleckenstein In Startling On-Air Shouting Match (DIA, SPY, QQQ, TLT)

Bill Fleckenstein of Fleckenstein Capital appeared on CNBC's Futures Now program on Tuesday. It was kind of a strange segment. Futures Now host Jackie DeAngelis came out swinging, asking Fleckenstein right at the top if he was willing to admit that...   Read More >

This World Map Shows Where People Are Thriving

The state of a country’s well-being says a lot about its prosperity and progress. That’s why Gallup and Healthways team up to produce the annual “State of Global Well-Being Index,” which this year analyzed 135 world...   Read More >

Ex-Billionaire Batista’s Bank Accounts Frozen

Brazilian ex-billionaire Eike Batista may have real estate assets frozen as well bank accountsA federal judge in Rio de Janeiro ordered the freezing of the personal bank accounts of Brazilian businessman Eike Batista to the extent of $640 million as a...   Read More >

Early Facebook Investor: Twitter Is 'Horribly Mismanaged' and Run by Potheads

Talk about a backhanded compliment. Peter Thiel, a billionaire venture capitalist and cofounder of PayPal and Palantir, was asked for his thoughts about Twitter during an interview with CNBC on Tuesday. His response was that Twitter has "a lot of...   Read More >

Redacted Version of the September 2014 FOMC Statement

Photo Credit: DonkeyHoteyJuly 2014September 2014CommentsInformation received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in June indicates that growth in economic activity rebounded in the second quarter.Information received since the Federal Open Market...   Read More >

Why don’t we have more free trade?

I remain amazed that we have as much free trade as we do.  Here is from a recent Pew poll: President Barack Obama and other world leaders are having a tough time selling the benefits of the trade agreements they’re negotiating, in part because...   Read More >

Federal Reserve Board and Federal Open Market Committee release economic projections from the September 16-17 FOMC meeting

Federal Reserve Board and Federal Open Market Committee release economic projections from the September 16-17 FOMC...   Read More >

Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement

Federal Reserve issues FOMC...   Read More >