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Vanguard Natural Resources Walks The Acquisition Route

By Business Reports. Read more » »Related Stocks: VNR, EROC,...

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US Sector ETF Performance – May 22

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ETF Deathwatch for May 2015: Back Above 300

The ETF Deathwatch membership rolls jumped higher for May.  Twenty names were added to the list, while only four came off.  The net increase of 16 pushed the total count from 299 to 315, consisting of 221 ETFs and 94 ETNs.  The industry...

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J.D. Power crowns Schwab as tops for 'self-directed investors ' for its ability to provide investors greater direction

Scottrade plummets from first place to fifth as Fidelity and Vanguard come in a hair behind Schwab Mike Foy: We call them self-directed. There's been blurring of the lines. Brooke’s...

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Legislation would allow B-Ds to publish ETF research without fear of breaking securities laws

Bill proposed by former broker passes key committee, would raise competition with...

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Inclusion in new Pimco funds is a coup for Vanguard

Bond giant's latest target date funds invest heavily in the low-cost firm's...

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New ETF Focuses on Emerging Markets' Real Growth Driver: E-commerce

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- When U.S. investors are looking for the sort of growth opportunities that can be hard to find in a developed economy, many look to businesses launched in the digital world of the Internet....

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US Sector ETF Performance – May 21

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Vanguard widens lead over Fidelity in managing retirement assets

Pensions & Investments survey finds BlackRock is gaining ground, helped by target date, index...

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New Valuation-Weighted ETF Offers Forward Looking Investing Alternative

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The Diamond Hill Valuation-Weighted 500 ETF  offers a smart alternative to classic exchange-traded funds keyed to the S&P 500 because it is forward-looking and focuses on intrinsic value, said...

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US Sector ETF Performance – May 20

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Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Are Easy Way Into High-Quality Funds

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Executive Vice President Naureen Hassan says Schwab's Intelligent Portfolio investors are split evenly among GenX Millennials and Boomers who adapted to online accessibility. She added that about 65% of new investors in...

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500 ETF Closures

As of today (May 19, 2015), 500 ETFs and ETNs have closed, delisted, and are no longer with us.  500 deaths is a major milestone for the ETF industry.  Although it may not be a welcome and celebrated milestone, it is healthy and necessary for...

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Schwab sweetens 529 plans, cutting fees for active and passive portfolios

The firm cuts prices for some active and passive college savings plans by 20% to...

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After Schwab robo launch, Trizic phones leap off the hook as Wall Street brokers and bankers come calling -- and VCs write checks

Ex-JPMorgan Trizic founders say their giant enterprise prospects went from 'denial' to 'how?' Brad Matthews [r.] withJason Novotny: I guarantee, I promise there will be a big institution...

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ETF Stats for April 2015 – Product Count Tops 1700

The number of listed exchange traded funds (“ETFs”) and exchange traded notes (“ETNs”) surpassed the 1,700 for the first time.  Seventeen new ETFs were introduced during April, while only one was closed.  At the end of...

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Recap of Vanguard advisors answering your questions

Our financial advisors spent an hour answering personal finance questions posed by our Facebook fans. This is an edited recap of their...

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US Sector ETF Performance – May 15

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ART CASHIN: The market could face a big test at 1PM (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA)

At 1:00 p.m. ET on Friday, Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen will speak on the US economy.  And this could be a big test for the market.  In his morning note on Friday, UBS' Art Cashin said Yellen could use this speech as a way...   Read More >

Yellen: Expect Rate Hike in 2015, Several Years before Fed Funds Rate "back to normal" level

From Fed Chair Janet Yellen: The Outlook for the Economy [I]f the economy continues to improve as I expect, I think it will be appropriate at some point this year to take the initial step to raise the federal funds rate target and begin the process of...   Read More >

What America Can Learn From China’s Infrastructure

What America Can Learn From China’s Infrastructure by Frank Holmes As one of the greatest nations on the planet, the United States excels in a number of areas, innovation and entrepreneurship foremost among them. But something you might be...   Read More >

Lehman Brothers Sues Three Financial Firms Over Soured Mortgage Loans

Lehman Brothers Holdings filed a complaint against three financial institutions in connection with the bundles of soured mortgage loans and argued that the claims worth hundreds of millions of dollars were “grossly exaggerated and...   Read More >

Microsoft, CRM talks fizzled: Sources

Microsoft held talks about taking over, but negotiations fell through over price differences, sources...   Read More >

Links for 05-23-15

Hypocritical Sloth - Paul Krugman It’s not nice to fool your colleagues - Paul Romer Federal Reserve ?????????? - Brad DeLong The Outlook for the Economy - Janet Yellen Four Ways in Which the World Has Surprised Me - Brad DeLong Does David...   Read More >