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ETF Scorecard – October 24th Edition

The bulls have managed to return to Wall Street with full force, as evidenced by the steep rebound that matched the equally steep sell-off since the lows seen on October 15th. Corporate earnings season is still well underway, and for the time...

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Schwab Market Perspective: Plot Twist…or a Different Book?

by Liz Ann Sonders, Brad Sorensen and Jeffrey KleintopOctober 24, 2014 Does recent action warrant a change in strategy? ...

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US Sector ETF Performance – October 23

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Schwab signs Morningstar to provide equity research, ratings

Deal will give advisers access to sector reports and pick lists, as well as daily, weekly and quarterly outlook...

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Morningstar to Provide Equity Research, Ratings to Schwab

The partnership will give Schwab access to Morningstar's global equity analyst reports and...

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SEC Rejects ETF As IIV No Substitute For Transparency

Precidian ETFs Trust proposed workaround to avoid releasing NAV wasn’t enough to satisfy the SEC, which stands by transparency as a way to keep ETFs functioningAs companies get more and more inventive with their actively managed ETFs, it was only a...

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Janus CEO Weil hopes for Bill Gross-run ETF

Money manager looks to better reach advisers by selling the fast-growing funds, leveraging newly acquired...

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The ETF Trader Interview Series: Chris Hempstead

The ETF Trader Interview Series: Chris Hempstead by Zach Hascoe, Director, Capital Markets, The WisdomTree Blog In 1988, the book Market Wizards by Jack Schwager was published. It introduced investors to a group of traders, many of whom would become...

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Newcomer ValueShares Launches Quant Fund (QVAL); Recon Capital Adds Second ETF (DAX)

Following a three day rally, equity markets took a breather on Wednesday, after what has been a tumultuous few weeks on Wall Street. On the earnings front, International Business Machines (IBM), McDonald’s (MCD) and Coca-Cola (KO) reported...

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Schwab Sector Views: Short-term Pain, Long-term Gain?

by Brad SorensenOctober 23, 2014 Although markets took a dive recently, our fundamental view hasn't changed. ...

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Daily ETF Watch: Recon, Global X Launches

Recon is rolling out a local-index Germany...

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Questions Not Asked Of ETF Strategists

For advisors wondering if the time is right to retain an ETF strategist, asking the right questions helps. ...

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US Sector ETF Performance – October 22

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Why Are These Vanguard 'Bogleheads' so Crazy for 'Saint' Jack Bogle?

PHILADELPHIA (TheStreet) -- Not many people adore a mutual fund company or think of a retired CEO as their patron saint. But some exist and they call themselves Bogleheadsaafter John C. Bogle, founder of mutual fund giant Vanguard and a champion of low...

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ETF Spotlight: TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (TTFS)

The ETF industry continues to evolve, as more unique products make their debut; however, the exchange-traded landscape is still dominated by passive, index-based instruments. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because after all, investors...

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Review: Photoshop Elements 13 gets Photomerge and content-aware fill

Adobe’s consumer-level, hobbyist-targeted image editor, Photoshop Elements, has long been a great next step for those who’ve outgrown iPhoto. It’s great for beginners, yet it gives your skills room to grow—plus it plays nicely...

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SEC Denies Precidian Active ETF Request

A brave new world of transparent active ETFs, for now, will have to...

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Daily ETF Watch: Eurozone Fund Debuts

New AlphaDex fund applies smart-beta methodology to eurozone...

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US Sector ETF Performance – October 21

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Goldman Sachs explores liquid alternatives in the ETF world

Can Goldman Sachs put ETF investors on a liquid...

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Goldman explores its (liquid) alternatives in the ETF world

Can Goldman Sachs put ETF investors on a liquid...

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Your ETF Has ‘DRIP Drag’!

When it comes to reinvesting dividends, mutual funds have ETFs...

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ETF Watch: 2 New iShares Funds Debut

iShares rolled out an ex-BRIC EM equity fund and a commodity futures...

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Daily ETF Watch: Hyland To Leave USCF

The CIO of the firm with well-known futures-based ETFs such as ‘USO’ will leave next...

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Schwab phones (at least some) Private Client customers to advise dumping PIMCO Total Return fund

Funds under Schwab discretion exited the Bill Gross fund three weeks ago "Chuck" is talking to Private Client customers about the PIMCO Total Return fund. Brooke’s Note:...

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US Sector ETF Performance – October 20

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Arnott: ‘100 Minus Your Age’ Asset Allocation Rule All Wrong!

Research Affiliates argues that industry and academia both deny reality in pushing young workers into stocks, particularly through target-date...

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Daily ETF Watch: ProShares Dividend Lineup

Fund provider makes plans to add small- and midcap funds to its ‘Dividend Growers’...

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US Sector ETF Performance – October 17

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Top Portfolio Products: BlackRock Launches Commodities ETF

Vident introduces a bond ETF, Wolf Hedge adds global fund, and Allianz rolls out a new fixed-index...

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Top 7 RIA takeaways, including some ouches, from Charles Schwab's earnings commentary

Windhaven's reverses are official, Schwab is minting advisors at its 'Wealth Academy' and the ETF 401(k) plan found just one taker but Schwab's asset growth is stellar Walt Bettinger: Against...

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Short Selling ETF Will Keep Shorting Netflix After the Fall

Brad Lamensdorf, portfolio manager of the Ranger Equity Bear ETF, says he will continue to short Netflix as a part of this...

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Where’s my flying hoverboard? (Back to the Future)

From The Daily Beast: Greg and Jill Henderson, founders of Hendo, have developed a real hoverboard. Yes, the flying skateboard that millions of moviegoers have wished were real since Back to the Future Part II premiered back in 1989 may become the...   Read More >

Credit Suisse net profit beats

Credit Suisse on Thursday reported third-quarter net profit above analyst forecasts as investment banking revenue...   Read More >

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast

A few years ago, I developed a habit. If the person sitting next to me on an airplane seemed like they wanted to have a conversation, I’d ask them a bit about themselves — let’s say they worked in civil engineering...   Read More >

SEC, Othey Key Agencies Approve Credit Risk Retention Rule

The ‘skin-in-the-game’ rule requires banks to maintain at least 5% of the risk on their books when they securitize loansSix federal agencies have adopted a final rule requiring banks to keep a stake in the mortgages they package and sell. The...   Read More >

Economic Disasters: The Butterfly Machine, Black Swans

Economic Disasters: The Butterfly Machine by David Merkel, CFA of The Aleph Blog There’s a phenomenon called the Butterfly Effect.  One common quotation is “It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a...   Read More >

''A Few Comments on QE''

After A Few Comments on QE, Bill McBride ends with: ...My view is QE was not a panacea, but overall QE was a success.  I was a frequent critic of the Fed prior to the financial crisis - I think the Fed was almost anti-regulation during the...   Read More >

Philly Fed: State Coincident Indexes increased in 43 states in September

From the Philly Fed: The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia has released the coincident indexes for the 50 states for September 2014. In the past month, the indexes increased in 43 states, decreased in four, and remained stable in three, for a...   Read More >

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)’s Cloud Is Finally Shaking the Loch Ness Monster Awake

 Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)‘s CEO, Satya Nadella has finally helped the company grow back its long neck, resembling a Loch Ness monster. Using the long neck, the software company can now see far into the future, and help in...   Read More >

The War on ISIS: More Than One Battle

In the Vietnam War, saving Khe Sanh seemed essential. Turned out it...   Read More >

U.K. Growth Slows in Third Quarter

U.K. economic growth slowed in the third quarter, official data showed, in the latest sign the global recovery may be losing...   Read More >