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As Schwab edges closer to letting RIAs in as 401(k) middlemen, leaked details suggest to some that they still marginalize the advisor

Though RIAs technically gain a seat at the Schwab index 401(k) table, they still don't have much say about how assets get invested Randy Long: I think Schwab's only real interest in the 401(k) space is to...

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As Schwab edges closer to letting RIAs in as 401(k) middlemen, leaked details suggest to some that the firm still marginalizes the advisor

Though RIAs technically gain a seat at the Schwab index 401(k) table, they still don't have much say about how assets get invested Randy Long: I think Schwab's only real interest in the 401(k) space is to...

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Schwab Donor-Advised Fund Clients Gave $1 Billion to Charity in FY2015

Clients supported 42,000 charities, Schwab Charitable...

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Schwab Sector Views: Bottom Fishing?

by Brad SorensenOctober 08, 2015 Some stock market sectors have gotten severely beaten up—but is now the time to hunt for bargains? ...

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4 critical elements of every great adviser website

If your website doesn't measure up, prospects will be encouraged to move on, perhaps to a...

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Doubts Circle Viacom, Vanguard of Yesteryear

Viacom’s stock is off 37 percent this year, and it faces lower TV ratings, weak ad sales and a lackluster film slate. The shift has been...

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US Sector ETF Performance – October 6

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Beware What’s Hiding in a Sector ETF?

Recently, I mentioned that the Healthcare sector contains biotech stocks which behave quite differently from the rest of the sector. The market seems to treat biotech as more tech than bio. That makes sense to me. An investor buying the Healthcare ETF...

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Be Careful with Metals and Mining ETF Bargains

Everyone knows you have to “buy low” to come out on top. The problem is that few people are actually willing to endure however long it may take for the "real low” to be put in place. ...

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Vanguard's global chief economist shares his take on topics investors are following

We asked our global chief economist, Joseph Davis, for his perspective on the recent financial and economic...

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Vanguard moves past Fidelity in ranking of manager of DC mutual fund assets

Vanguard overtook Fidelity to become the largest manager of defined contribution mutual fund assets, according to Pensions & Investments' latest...

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Test Your Smarts on Rates, China and ETF Mayhem

News Challenge: September was another tough month for the stock market. See how much you know about last month’s news in mutual-fund investing and the...

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The 'other' Morningstar conference shaped up as a true ETF summit with principals of exchange traded fund programs on the prowl

The growing ETF universe is getting specialized as it braces for its post-disruption future as the establishment product Morningstar did not hazard relying on youth for its Future of Financial Advice panel. [l-r.] Brian...

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US Sector ETF Performance – October 2

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ETF Scorecard - October 2nd Edition

To help investors keep up with the markets, we present our ETF Scorecard. The Scorecard takes a step back and looks at how various asset classes across the globe are performing. ...

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ETF Experts: Hedging Currency Risk Is Cheap, Prudent and Getting Easier

Assets have flowed to currency-hedged ETFs. But a Morningstar ETF panel explores if it is worth it to managers to add this layer of protection into...

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SPDR Financial ETF drops 1.7% premarket; was up 0.7% before jobs data released

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit or the quote page for more information about this breaking news. ...

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Dell and EMC Rumored to Merge

This would be one of the biggest mergers in tech history, upwards of $50 billion. Granted, it would be a merger of two losers, whose dominance in their respective markets have waned considerably in recent years. Nevertheless, it points to a much more...   Read More >

The West Has An Continuous History of Becoming more Liberal Only Because We Have Changed the Definition of "Liberal"

Kevin Drum writes, "the entire Western world has been moving inexorably in a liberal direction for a couple of centuries." if this is true, it is only because¬†the definition of "liberal" has changed. ¬† After becoming...   Read More >

Bill Gross Sues Pimco for 'Hundreds of Millions' Over Ouster (1)

Bill Gross sued Pacific Investment Management Co. and parent Allianz SE for “hundreds of millions of dollars,” claiming he was wrongfully pushed out as the bond giant’s...   Read More >

McGladrey Economist Brusuelas Says Debt, Entitlements Must Be Addressed

Preceding a morning in which Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson said that debt servicing is an issue to consider when raising interest rates, observing that since the U.S. debt burden has moved past 90 percent of GDP growth has been a slow 1.5...   Read More >

Wonkblog: Hillary Clinton has a new plan to stiffen Wall Street penalties

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will unveil a proposal later this week to more severely punish financial executives and firms that are found to have committed serious wrongdoing -- as part of a wide-reaching strategy for cracking...   Read More >

Links for 10-08-15

Did The Fed Save The World? - Paul Krugman Bernanke: The Republican Party Left Me - Kevin Drum Changes in Worker Voice over Time - "The country can't afford" - Stumbling and Mumbling Yes, The Pope Supports A...   Read More >

Tesla Motors Inc Still Needs To Overcome This Major Issue

Tesla released the new Model X SUV at a price of $130,000. Though the model boasts of falcon-wing doors and a high-tech dash that is bound to attract car lovers, the fact remains it needs to be charged just like any other electric car. Range anxiety a...   Read More >

Zynga Inc, Groupon Inc Are Disasters In Big Internet IPOs

Zynga stock plunged 74% in its first year, while Groupon plummeted 85%. Such a drop earns these two companies “the dubious distinction of being the worst-performing IPOs within an all-losing group,” says a report from USA Today by John...   Read More >

Timothy Geithner and the Auditors

Eduardo Porter had a good piece in the NYT pointing out the importance of having independent evaluations of government programs. The point is that the agencies undertaking a program have a strong incentive to axaggerate its benefits. He discusses this in...   Read More >

GoPro hits new low; should Apple buy?

Apple should take the opportunity to acquire GoPro now, said Ross Gerber, CEO and president of Gerber Kawasaki, on...   Read More >